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Global Resources Group

By itself, the oil refining industry is a complex process involving the processing of crude oil in a factory, producing various products for different spheres of life. The main products of crude oil refining are motor fuels, lubricants, electrical insulating materials, road surfaces, raw materials for petrochemicals, and more.

Since 1980 the amount of refined oil has increased by more than 20%. Such dynamics indicates both the relevance of the production of refined products and significant technological upgrades in this area.

GLOBAL RESOURCES GROUP is a European petrochemical holding company engaged in the production and sale of a wide range of petrochemical products. The total experience of the Global Resources Group holding in the field of oil refining is more than 20 years. Throughout this time, we have been manufacturing lubricants, technical fluids, equipment for oil refining, contract manufacturing of petrochemical products, supply of motor fuels, etc.

We strive to exclude low-quality products from the global petrochemical industry, which is why Global Resources Group is a manufacturer and supplier of goods in this industry.

Products Global Resources Group

Products Global Resources Group is a balanced set of engine, gear, industrial oils, technical fluids, other petrochemical products, equipment for oil refining and gas condensate, which includes many modern, unique components and produced in accordance with the current requirements of the petrochemical industry. Efficiency, innovation and compliance with environmental regulations distinguish our products.