Rosneft signs petrochemical contracts

By Global Resources Group — In Petrochemical Industry — 16.07.2018



Rosneft Deutschland GmbH has signed contracts with German companies for marketing of its petrochemical products, with production starting in 2019.

A contract for marketing propylene produced by Rosneft Deutschland’s PCK, Bayernoil and MiRO refineries was signed with HELM AG. The company also signed a contract with Brenntag International Chemicals GmbH for aromatics and sulfur.

Rosneft Deutschland’s Managing Director, Brian Chesterman, said: “We look forward to the cooperation with major German chemicals marketing companies in our marketing and sales business. Arranging distribution of petrochemical products from PCK, Bayernoil and MiRO refineries is another step in the development of the company’s business activities in Germany”.

HELM AG Executive Manager Feedstocks, Fried Hansen, commented: “I am very pleased with this collaboration. Thanks to our extensive network of customers and suppliers as well as our highly efficient logistics we are able to off-take and market propylene reliably”.