Equipment manufacturing

Traditionally, in the oil industry, large-scale oil refineries are used, supplied with crude oil or gas condensate through a pipeline or using road / rail transport.

However, most of the new hydrocarbon deposits discovered in the world occur in areas where infrastructure for transportation and processing is either limited or non-existent. Also one of the drawbacks of a large-scale refinery is its extremely high cost and a long time of construction design.

Given the above, our company offers a suitable alternative that will help solve the listed difficulties of oil refining. An alternative to large refineries are the high-tech mini-Refineries we offer, which can be easily located directly at the field or at another place convenient for the customer.

Advantages of a mini Refinery

  • Low cost

  • Compactness

  • Quick installation

  • Mobility

  • Units are ready for operation

  • Different types of raw material

Other Services

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