Special fluids

Of course, when talking about technical fluids in a car, lubricants (engine and transmission oils) are most often presented, however, this is by no means all of the components of technical fluids in any car. We understand the importance of modern special liquids in the car, so the catalog of our products contains only relevant, high-quality and products manufactured using the latest technologies.

Global Resources Group is a manufacturer and supplier of:

– Brake fluids

The brake system of the car cannot do without a special fluid, and given the importance of the proper functioning of this unit, the selected train should have simply excellent qualities.

– Cooling liquids (antifreeze)

Antifreeze is designed to prevent damage to parts caused by the expansion of water during its freezing, as well as to ensure the normal operation of the cooling system in winter conditions. Antifreezes have not only a lower freezing point, but also a significantly lower coefficient of expansion during freezing.

– Windshield washer fluid

Using a special liquid for cleaning the windshield of the car is the most effective way to remove dirt from this surface. All such compositions are divided into summer (have a normal freezing point) and winter (with a low freezing point).

– Fluids for hydraulic power steering

Exact operation of the mechanisms responsible for the maneuverability of the car – is one of the main parameters of safe driving. It is important that all components and parts included in the steering work without fail. The main task of the power steering is to make the steering wheel more “easy” for the driver. Without a special fluid, the hydraulic power steering will not work, because during operation of the system, the fluid is driven through all its components.


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